Facebook groups are a practical way for people with similar interests to interact with each other and share information.  For example, let’s say you want to interact with other people that have an interest in hot air ballooning.

Your group can be open to the public or closed and private.  Privacy gives the owner the ability to add only those people who will adhere to the group’s goals and guidelines.

Also, any member that becomes a distraction or expresses only negative input can be banned from the group.

So, what are some of the basic uses for a Facebook group?

  • Customer service
  • Sharing all relevant posts with all members
  • Social sharing
  • Private memberships
  • Business networking
  • Building a network of loyal fans
  • Mentoring
  • And the list goes on

What is the difference between a page and a group?  The Page is where you can share how your product benefits people along with your latest promos and offers.  The Group, on the other hand, suits those who are looking for a better discussion, along with expanding their networks.

Okay, how do we create a group?

Step 1:  Beside your name and image at the top right of your personal page, click on the plus sign.

Step 2:  Scroll down and click on “Group”.

Step 3:  Enter your group’s name.

Step 4:  Choose the privacy you desire for your group.  (I recommend Private).

Step 5:  Under “Hide Group” I recommend that you choose “Visible”.

Step 6:  At this point you can choose to send invitations to some of your friends.

Step 7:  Click on “Create”.

Step 8:  Click the “Edit” button in the photo at the top and personalize it with your own image.

Step 9:  Drag the image to reposition it to your liking.

Step 10:  Click on “Save Changes”.

Okay, you’re all set now.

The “About” box shows all the information pertaining to your group.  The “Invite” button gives you the option of inviting new members to join your group.

Start adding posts to your group wall to make it more interesting and inviting for prospective members.  As people request to be added to the group, you’ll have the ability to approve or deny that request.

Special note:  Don’t forget to welcome all new members as they join your group.

A photo post with an “About Me” dialog will help newcomers get acquainted with you and begin to interact.

If you’re interested in seeing a working Facebook group, click here.

Please feel free to comment on this post or ask any questions you may have. Your input is always welcome.

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